Sunday, December 2, 2007


I woke up this morning to see this outside of my window!

Well I actually woke up because I heard Kelly leave and then I heard someone stomping around on the roof. Kelly was excited. She said she'd never seen snow fall before (well unless you count "Snow Falling on Cedars." Decent flick. Come on! If I can't get my puns in here, where can I?)

So we decided to check out the snow. Kelly put on long underwear which prompted me to as well. I don't have proper long underwear, but I have these thermal type pants I wear when I go snowboarding. I am really stubborn and usually think I don't need such things but it was amazing. I was so warm! It's a testament to my stepmom, Lucy. If it's below 50 she doesn't leave the house without 100% wool long underwear, a full wool undershirt, a down skirt, a floor length shearling coat, a hand knit 3 meter long wool scarf and a wool hat. This might be an exaggeration, but if it is it's a slight one.

We ended up pretty much taking a tour of lower Manhattan.

Here's the Jeff Koons sculpture outside WTC 7. I'm a fan. I also liked his balloon in the Macy's Parade.
There's a Koons sculpture near my dad's place in Venice. It's a balloon animal dog. My dad jokingly said something to his students one day that someone should make a balloon animal turd and put it underneath the dog. His students accepted the challenge. Here's a link to the blog they made. It's all in Italian, but there are pictures of their mission:

For the record, I don't usually use the word "turd."

Anyway, I really love being in New York around the holidays. I have rarely had a white Christmas, being in California for most of them so it's nice to have some snow for the lead up.

Sincerely, Bridget

PS: There's a movie on the Hallmark channel right now called "A Boyfriend for Christmas." Santa, I hope you're watching! Also, "The Parent Trap" is on. Paging Nadine!

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Brian said...

snow falling on cedar? meh. snow falling on baby tiger? oh yawwwwwwww!!!!