Saturday, December 1, 2007

Hello there!

So I started a blog!

Check back when I have something to say. Bye!

Just kidding. But I do feel a certain amount of pressure to make my inaugural post a good one, but who am I kidding? It's freezing outside. I am reading while my roommate watches "Guys and Dolls." Brando's singing voice intermittently interrupts my book and all I can think is that he sounds like Billy Crystal doing an impression, probably of Brando. I am not really a fan of the big musicals from the 50s and 60s, like "My Fair Lady" or even "West Side Story." Sorry Kel, but "Guys and Dolls" is no exception. But I do, on average, like musicals.

Kelly is now chatting with a long lost friend who just found me on facebook, looking for her. I signed up for facebook maybe 72 hours ago. I felt pressured because suddenly all of my friends signed up at the exact same time, even though it's been around for years and I thought they were all loyal myspace users. I had vowed not to sign up. I've been an ardent myspacer for almost four years. Making the switch from Friendster was a pain in itself, so why would I change it again?

And I was completely unprepared for what facebook had to offer. What's with all these "applications" and functions? I can't even figure out something simple like inviting friends. My sister signed up right after me and she was already sending me "Christmas Presents" and dedicating songs to me. It's pretty hideous, but yet another fabulous time waster. And everyone swears that facebook is better than myspace. I was getting exhausted with it all and decided to just start a blog!

Not that I won't be on the 'book in 20 minutes confirming that I met this long lost friend through Kelly and walking her through setting up her own profile while Brian nominates me for a superlative. Hey, at least I have a virtual social life, right guys? RIGHT?!?!?

The cool thing is that my cousins from Australia are on there. That's a plus!


Brian said...

i look forward to the next chapter of this blog!


p.s. duck! i just threw a pillow at you on facebook!

Kadi said...

it really is the cutest inaugural blog entry ever.

mei said...

dear bridget,

this "blogging" reminds me of our halcyon epistolary days, or "e-mails".

your foreign correspondent

ps--please send me a whatasit on facebook. i barely get enough face time with you, since we're on opposite coasts, and im hoping we get to interface more frequently on facebook. which leads me to...MY FACE, ever heard of it?!?!