Tuesday, April 14, 2009


This was really for another blog, but it's been so long since I posted anything!

The Fives are out of control. I’m not talking about T-Mobile. I’m talking about, yes, facebook. I know, I know. Facebook is lame and old hat. But it’s ubiquitous these days. There is no avoiding it. And unfortunately, there is no avoiding the trends WITHIN facebook, those things that everyone just has to do that is then, ever so conveniently, placed in your update feed. First it’s an application that everyone ads, then it was those stupid 25 Random Things notes that everyone was tagged in. Now it’s the Your 5 Quizzes. Your 5 favorite movies, your 5 favorite albums, 5 movies you wish you never paid for, 5 fave fictional heroes. Whatever. 5 anything.

The worst thing about these is that, while they are excruciatingly annoying, I want to do all of them! Yes! I DO want to list my 5 favorite album covers from the 90s! Please let me share with you my 5 celebrity look-alikes, my five favorite tv show theme songs from the 80s, my five most annoying habits, my five reasons for low self esteem, 5 foods that give me horrible gas. Please. Let me share.

Whatever. We live in an age where everything is an open book, so obviously it makes perfect sense that people want to share even the dumbest facts about them. We all know this. Nothing new. But it’s still annoying.

Don’t even get me started on the quizzes. Unless you want to hear which Jane Austen character I am…