Wednesday, December 12, 2007


First of all, I just told my friend at work that I was going to poke the shit out of her on facebook. Everything about that statement is wrong.

Now on to the important stuff. I was at the gym yesterday, taking a much needed respite from the "Today" show and turned on Bravo. To my surprise "Boomerang" was just starting. This isn't a movie that I revere or that I watched a lot in my childhood and have nostalgic feelings about. But the soundtrack was that ubiquitous album when the movie came out. It contained the hits "End of the Road" and that PM Dawn song "I'd Die Without You" or something like that. It was on heavy rotation to say the least. Anyway, I had seen this movie once, maybe in the theaters or shortly thereafter. And I remember always identifying with the David Alan Grier character, the guy who doesn't get the girl. So throughout my pre-teen and teenage years I internally labeled myself as the David Alan Grier of the group. Except I'm not black and I'm not a guy. But I was always the sensible, romantic one who wasn't out to play the game and who never got a seventh grade. I also think I just liked David Alan Grier from his funnier days on "In Living Color."

When I saw this movie again, maybe a year or so ago, I felt so sad for my twelve year old self! Who chooses to identify with DAVID ALAN GRIER? I wisely switched sides and now identified with Halle Berry. I mean, what modern day woman DOESN'T identify with Halle? She's just like us, right? Suffice to say, I got home, cued up my "End of the Road" tape single and had a good cry.

In other news, there was this story about none other than Jeff Bridges on CNN today. Leave it to CNN to post the most riveting news stories.

So now this blog is about dogs, Christmas, David Alan Grier and Jeff Bridges. Great.

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Rory Carroll said...

Nothing wrong with dogs and bridges!

I personally think you should identify with David Alan Griers character on In Living Color, saying "Hated It!" all the time, as they did on Men on Film. That rings more true to me.

Or, what about your phase when you would wear one outfit leavng the house and then change into huge bell bottoms and platform shoes?? Who did you identify with then? Your inner Travolta?

Brian said...

I mean, what modern day woman DOESN'T identify with Halle?

-Bridget, you identified with her many moons later, in a role that would go on and nab her an oscar...


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