Thursday, December 6, 2007

Have a Holly, Jolly...

I have been assigned the task of putting together a playlist for our office Christmas party. It's a task I don't take lightly. Okay, that's a lie. To be perfectly honest, I am using it as an excuse to put off the other things I should actually be accomplishing. But it's tough. My office is comprised of a bunch of youngish people, but we're inviting clients and freelancers so it will be a mix. I'm not sure if the road trip CDs or mixes I made while on poster tour are going to cut it. If I busted out "Lighters Up" or Fastball's "The Way," this group would not appreciate it.

There's also the issue of Christmas music. I have compiled two (now legendary) Christmas mixes. But I have been coming up against people who abhor Christmas music! I know we can all get burned out on the holidays and all the shit that goes with it, from Amy Grant's rendition of "Grown Up Christmas List" to seeing decorations show up 2 hours after Halloween. But who can deny the awesomeness that is "Do They Know It's Christmas" or "Christmas Wrapping"? Or "Fairytale for New York"? Anyway, I can go on and on, but I am going to try to accommodate everyone. So while I will be playing "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree," I will not include "Ho Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum." Fair enough?

Now this blog is all about Christmas and dogs. Gross.


ps: I only included the "Rocking Around" link for the "Home Alone" part. Please enjoy.


Rory Carroll said...

I love dogs and Christmas! Bring it!

Ho Ho HO and a bottle of rum, thats hilarious. For some reason I didn't take anyone at your office for Jimmy Buffet fans.

But, the weather is here Bridget and I wish you were beautiful..

Brian said...

you better put..DUNT DUNT know chriiiiiiiismus?!?!?

Pastry Monkey said...

I heart The Waitresses. I would love to know more about your magical Christmas playlists. I too have many different Christmas playlists depending on mood and audience.

Kelly said...

Baby all I want for Christmas is you!