Monday, December 10, 2007

The Office: Special?

Okay, I have a lot to write about today. A LOT. Big weekend, guys. Well, not really.

We had our office Christmas party on Friday. It was in the office so it went like this: 6:15: send off work email. 6:17: tap the keg. In actuality, it was a really fun party that culminated in a dance party with the core of the company, including my boss and the owner, as seen below.

At one point, my friend's boyfriend said "You know, watching all of you dancing was like watching an episode of 'The Office.' You have all the characters, all the roles covered." I didn't really know how to take that. Who am I? Meredith? Ugh, I guess we're both redheads.

On an unrelated note, I caught about 5 minutes of "Tin Man." I had been dying to see this after seeing some ridiculous promos and ads all over the city. The whole concept was just so retarded to me. And I have to say, that actually seeing 5 minutes of it did not disappoint. The attempts to make "The Wizard of Oz" edgy and modern were so pathetic and laughable; from the fact that they called Dorothy "DG" to referring to Oz as the O.Z. THE O.Z.! It was pretty horrid. Alan Cumming with a zipper on his head and the cowardly lion character who looked like the Beast from the 80's TV series "Beauty and the Beast" were about all I could take.

Also, I woke up at 4AM because I was having back spasms. It wasn't my lower back and it didn't hurt, but who gets back spasms? Well, besides Aikman...



Brian said...

I'm holding out for the full body shout of that fabulous dress...


Rory Carroll said...

aikmans got back spasms.

bridget you aren't meredith you're stanley.

Kadi said...

i've been dying to see Tin Man too! The whole thing kind of makes me feel bad for Faruza Balk, who we all know is the original 2nd Time Around Dorothy. And i've always thought Zooey Deschenel is the poor man's FZB anyway. It all looks Terrible but i'll definitely netflix it when appropriate.