Wednesday, January 28, 2009


We made a new video! I'm hoping to have a few more in the coming months.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's a New Year...

So probably time for a new blog post, right? And to think, my followers must feel so abandoned! I'm sorry...all three of you.

Well many things have changed since last year. Rock of Love: BUS is now on. American Idol's ratings went down...10%. But Bush is still president. FOR FIVE MORE DAYS! This is pretty exciting. And everyone's abuzz about the inauguration on Tuesday. And I'm trying to figure out just HOW I will be watching the inauguration.

This is never a problem I had in the past. For the past 2, I could have cared less. Or rather, didn't care to see Bush take office. For the 2 before that, I was still in high school. Oops. And now I have to be at work. Without adequate cable access! What's a free-thinking, liberal minded, quasi-feminist to do? Head down to City Hall to freeze outside? Stream it from the internet? Walk home and watch it on my ridiculously giant TV?

I voted for Obama, so I vote for the last option.

Anyway, I'll have a better post...tomorrow. In the meantime here's a funny link.

Bridget 2009