Friday, December 7, 2007

Jeff Bridget

I had a dream last night that I was hanging out in a café with Jeff Bridges. I don't really know what prompted this, but in the dream we were friends and clearly had a nice rapport. At one point I looked up at a big screen on which the restaurant was projecting "The Big Lebowski." I looked over at Jeff (who was sporting an uncharacteristically short hair cut) and said "This movie is great. You should check it out." Then my dream thought process went like this a) Wait, doesn't Jeff sometimes go by Lebowski? B) Oh shit!! Didn't Jeff PLAY Lebowski? He smirked and I apologized profusely and kept saying I was such a moron. But the worst part of the dream was that after this bit I was transported somewhere else and the first thing I wanted to tell anybody who would listen was that I had this crazy dream where I was telling Jeff Bridges to watch his own movie! How crazy is that? And then I think I moved on to another setting, in which I was telling an entirely new group of people about this nutty dream! I had even been commenting to Jeff how it must have been tough to work with the Coen Brothers because they are such meticulous and well planned filmmakers. This is never a thought I have had in my waking life. Those are usually coveted qualities, right?

Anyway, this happens to me all of the time. I dream about something, and then think I am awake and refer to the old dream over and over. By the time I wake up the thought of telling one more person about the dream is exhausting. Or sometimes I dream about a situation or something going on in my life that I may be stressed about. The worst is when the crisis/situation pans out perfectly in my dream and then I wake up and remember I have to deal with it for real. The point? Reality sux.

And in semi-related morning gym news: at the end of my yoga class my teacher likes to change the music to something really "chill" to further relax us. Today, as we're laying down, I suddenly hear what I think is the Twin Peaks theme music! AAHHHH! This does not inspire me to take rest. This inspires me to take flight from a long haired man named Bob who tormented my ten year old dreams! Where was Jeff Bridges THEN?

And for your viewing pleasure, I wanted to find a proper picture of Lebowski, but I found this picture of Jeff Bridges' character in "Surf's Up."

The most annoying thing about typing this post is that every time I go to write Jeff Bridges, I instinctively type Jeff Bridget. Old habits die hard.

Bridget, or Bridges. Whatever.

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Rory Carroll said...

the doob abides. sorry, "dude".

old habits DO die hard!