Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I am the Biggest Loser

Today really feels like a Thursday. It's unfair that it's only Wednesday. I feel like Angela Chase in "My So Called Life" right now. Mainly because Buffalo Tom just came on my iTunes and I am feeling a little melancholy and contemplative. And when was Angela anything but? She was forever resting her head in hands, looking off into the distance and sighing. Oh, Angela!

In morning gym news, I tried my luck with Bravo's random AM programming again. This time I got some weird special version of "The Biggest Loser." It's kind of funny watching a show like "The Biggest Loser" when you're at the gym. I used to watch "Celebrity Fit Club" occasionally and had the same feeling, like: "Hey! I'm already working out! I'm ahead of the game!" What the hell is that supposed to mean? I have no idea. But I was feeling smug at 7:30 on a Wednesday, okay? Not to say that I am not a sucker for those shows. I am always amazed at the hard work they put in and the amazing transformations they make. Recently, my roommate had it on and the contestants got all dolled up and had a moment in front of a three way mirror. Maybe this was the first time they got to look in a mirror or something, because they were so emotional looking at themselves. But the clincher was that the mirror was actually a door which whisked open to reveal the contestant's significant other who had seen them 50 pounds ago. So more tears ensued and sweet nothings were whispered. I felt bad for one girl who just had a random older woman friend on the other side. Not even a mom or sibling. Just Sally, probably her co-worker who's always there to lend an ear over a mug of office coffee. There weren't many tears when that door opened. Sorry, Sally.

I also saw "Atonement" which I will dub "A Mole Through the Ages."



Anne said...

I was watching gymnastics when I was at the gym the one day and all it did was make me feel bad about myself. Maybe I should just start watching the Biggest Loser...

Kadi said...

If i could put them in a jar... i know it wouldn't scar.... i'd do it if i could..... i hope you know i would!