Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pandora's Christmas Box

I am so late to the game. Really. To every game. I used to be sort of on it. I wouldn't say I ever really had my finger on the pulse or anything like that, but I was with it. Anyway, I've only recently discovered the joys of Pandora, thanks to Kadi. I knew about it, but last week, during an extreme lull at work, decided to try it out and I love it! Better late than never?

That said, I went a little nutty yesterday and decided to make a Jingle Bells station. The only artists/songs I put in to create this station was, of course, "Jingle Bells" and The Waitresses (Holiday.) That was an option. But I bring this up because it's December and I always get excited for Christmas. This is one game I'm never too late on. So I'm jamming at work, with my headphones on, to a little Elvis, Bon Jovi and then that song from Auntie Mame comes on..."Haul out the holly!" and I'm done. That song will be in my head for the next 2 months!

I always do this to myself. I should probably wait until the 20th to bust out the Christmas music. Last year I mistakenly put my infamous "BLC Christmas" albums (2001 and 2004 editions) on my ipod shuffle. I absolutely love having the shuffle and can't live without it, but I am really bad about updating it on a regular basis. So usually I'm stuck with some random playlist I made for a plane trip that I will listen to over and over. Last year, it was the Christmas playlist. So these songs end up in my iTunes "Recently Played" playlist which I will play in my apartment randomly. This means the Christmas songs keep coming up and getting played. Which then means these songs start to appear in the exclusive Top 250 playlist. The end result is that when I'm cleaning my apartment in the middle of July I will suddenly hear Angela Lansbury scream through the speakers: "Haul out the holly!" I don't know what's more embarrassing: blaring Christmas music in July or admitting that I have that damn Auntie Mame song on my ipod.

Anyway, thanks Pandora, for infecting my brain with those delicious Christmas confections and reminding me that sometimes good things come in small doses. It was a hard lesson, but a good one. Now I'm just listening to "Bridget's Depressing Music" station. Seriously, who knew my tailor made radio station would be such a downer...ugh.

Season's Greetings,

PS: I just went and made a new Pandora station. The only song I put in was Beyonce's "Single Ladies." See, I'm upbeat! I swear!

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Just Jon said...

"Halo" is the best song on the new Beyonce CD. Check it out!