Monday, November 24, 2008


Okay, Obama's election is so yesterday's news. But that didn't stop me from hopping a flight to is birthplace to see where the miracle happened. I actually (happily) went to Hawaii for the wedding of an old friend. There's nothing better than going to Hawaii in November when New York is miserable. We went diving, snorkeling, cliff jumping. We watched the active lava flow. It was amazing.

And of course there's nothing worse than coming back from Hawaii in November when New York is miserable. And then you have to go back to work. So thankfully (no pun intended) it's Thanksgiving week. I just want to give a shout out to all them pilgrims and Indians who got together many centuries ago so we could all take a few days off work and stuff our faces. Honestly, Thanksgiving is the best. And then after that you get to lay around all weekend and watch Home Alone and Elf on TBS!

I am coming to realize that I am completely a creature of my surroundings. For example, whenever I go to Hawaii, or other tropical places, I want to immediately immerse myself in all things Hawaiian. I want to listen to Hawaiian music, drink fruity drinks and cover my self head to toe in hibiscus print something or other and put flowers in my hair. And when would I ever really be caught dead in New York, or anywhere else really, with a big ol' flower print dress while I'm rockin IZ on the ipod?

And then I get back to the city and it's all warm tones, browns, earthy colors. I'm looking up recipes online. I'm excited to knit. I'm NESTING for god's sake! Who even uses the word nesting but women over 40?!?!?! Okay, I just googled nesting to see what kind of results the internet would give me. And nesting is really something pregnant women do in the final trimester. So I'm basically acting like someone who's about to have a baby all because it's cold out and I like the holidays. And I'm wearing brown.

But that doesn't stop me from hoping to catch up with Kevin McAllister and all his antics sometime this weekend. It also doesn't stop me from remembering that I indeed own "Home Alone" on DVD so I can watch it whenever I want. But isn't it much more thrilling to catch an early 90s Chris Columbus classic live on television, when you have to sit through hours of commercials and it isn't even presented in it's original aspect ratio?




amityb said...

Aw! So jealous you got to go to the very state where Obama landed from the planet Krypton. Must have been amazing. I too love Thanksgiving, although it is hard to suppress my raging hatred for Native Americans for one whole day. Hard to put those bayonets to rest y'know?

Kelly said...

Hey, did I tell you I'm baking a pumpkin cheesecake? When are we doing our cookie party???