Thursday, December 4, 2008

Top Chef Beef

I have beef with Top Chef. To be more specific, I have beef with Jeff, the toe-headed wonder boy from Miami. Not only does he seem really wormy and annoying on the show, I find him REALLY unattractive. I do recognize that most people would find someone like him attractive, but I think his personality cancels it out.

Then I get to work. And people agree that he can be sort of arrogant (again, I think more wormy and pathetic than arrogant) but they all think he's HOT! How is this possible? HOT? As in, really really attractive? Ugh, there's no home for humanity.

I realize I am in the minority being so completely repulsed by him, but come ON! Look at that pose! That face! NOOOOOOOOO! It's like someone took James Spader and a dash of Ellen and made a horrible person.
I do love me some Tom Colicchio though. Maybe that explains things.


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