Monday, November 3, 2008


Halloween came and went...Saw some Palins. Saw some Jokers. The parade starts right next to my office, so it's always a mad dash out of here to beat the craziness so I can cross sixth avenue. I did see them setting up which was cool.

But more exciting than Halloween for some reason was watching the marathon go by in Brooklyn. I had never watched the marathon before, but it was so fun! There were so many people out watching and cheering. There was a local school band playing the Rocky theme...on a 3 hour loop. People were selling cupcakes, having barbecues on their stoops. It was all very wholesome and inspiring.

So inspiring, in fact, that this morning at the gym I decided to run on the treadmill. It's always been a far off goal of mine to run in a marathon. And seeing those people yesterday, so proud of themselves and happy to be out there, I wanted a part of it! I finished exactly one mile before I switched to another machine. So much for dreams...

Anyway, speaking of marathons, the marathon election season is (hopefully) over tomorrow. I am very excited. It seems a little surreal since we've been following the campaigns for two years. And it's so sad that Obama's grandmother died, right before the election! I guess next week we'll just go back to talking about Grey's Anatomy and Friends re-runs.

Well I hope you are all going to vote (Obama) tomorrow.

Until then,

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