Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Trick or Treatz

Halloween is fast upon us, all you spooks and ghouls! And there is no better place to be for Halloween than New York City, the ol' Big Apple. The sheer number of people, coupled with the fact that people like to go all out, is awesome. The parade, however, I could do without. Walk in it once, or dance in it. On a float. In a bikini. With a horrible sound system blaring behind you. Whatever. Do it, it's worth it. But never again. The worst thing about walking in the parade is all of the people walking with you who are wearing black hoodies and backpacks with patches from Hot Topic on them. Teenagers who think they're all badass because they jumped the barricade and are in the parade. But why? Now they're just walking with some lesbian couple and their son who's dressed as Nemo. And the group of college friends who are dressed as the Royal Tenenbaums. Again.

Anyway, last year in the parade Kelly dressed as Tracy Turnblatt from "Hairspray." Every Asian girl went NUTS for her! Seriously. For some reason, it was all Tracy, all night, from the Asian population. And there were some amazing costumes. Two girls were the old guys from the Muppet show, complete with surrounding balcony.

But that was last year.

I will try to make it a point to post pictures of what I think are the best costumes this year and then the ubiquitous ones. Last year it was all Amy Winehouse. The year before: Borat.
This year it's going to be an overload of Palins and Joes the Plumbers and some poor soul is STILL going to be sporting the "Scream" mask. It will not die.

I just remembered something really random from last Halloween. After the parade a bunch of us did karaoke. Right when we got there this very tall person in a very normal outfit took the mic and said "Hi, I'm dressed as a tall girl." The voice was pretty deep, clearly a guy. My friends and I cracked up at the simplicity of going as a tall, boring girl. HILARIOUS! But then someone said they saw her going into the girls' bathroom so it became an on-going saga. Is she or isn't she...a man? So later on, after I accidentally kicked one of the Tall Girl's friends during some Pink song, I struck up conversation starting with an apology for the kick. Then i pointed to tall girlfriend and asked if that was a guy or a girl. Her friend got so mad and said, very curtly, "it's a girl." I felt terrible. And also cheated that what I thought was the best costume of the night was just some really lazy, boring, tall girl with no imagination!

Sometimes at night I pretend she really WAS a boy, and that her costume really WAS fabulous...sometimes.

Again, that was last year.

Check back (all 4 of you) for an update soon.


PS: this jack-o-lantern is so blog appropriate, no?

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Brian said...

while the tall girl was in the girls room, i was in the men's room, being fondled by a small mexican man who kept grabbing my chest asking "are those real boobs?"

i remember the tall gurl!

i like to remember her as someone fabulous!