Monday, August 11, 2008

Olympic Feva!

I've got the Olympic Fever. Okay, well maybe I would have the fever if when I turned on to watch the Olympics it wasn't just badminton or beach volleyball. The fact that beach volleyball is actually an Olympic sport cracks me up. The name alone brings to mind people in Venice Beach tourist t shirts with the sleeves cut off with strands of beads on the bottom of the shirt. You know what I am talking about.

Anyway, I logged on to nbc's Olympics site and watched the apparently Earth shattering swimming relay I missed. It was pretty awesome and the quality of the video online was impressive. Go technology. And Michael Phelps. I would also like to thank Kadi for leading me to this inspirational video. Volume up, please:

How can I say anything about Phelps at all when Smashmouth says it so much better?

Anyway, there were some awesome thunder storms today. I'm still a little scared and haven't left my corner. Here's something that might brighten your day if you too are in a gray, stormy, cloud.



Rory Carroll said...

dc in the corner

Anonymous said...

I like your haircut and the glasses babe.

- T