Friday, August 8, 2008

For Better, or for Worse, I'm Back.

Dear Readers,
It's been a long, hard absence. I realize that. And I sincerely apologize. Let's just blame it on the rain, okay? Did I really just say that? You gotta blame it on somethin'.

Anyway, the sad thing is after 4 months I have nothing to write.

Everyone should take advantage of the NYC summer streets tomorrow:

And watch the Olympics. I have a Google spreadsheet online with all of my viewings scheduled. Just let me know if you want to access it. I'll probably be live-blogging the equestrian events.

I want to write a funny tidbit and I really have nothing. Well, except for the fact that my writing partner/roommate/co-worker/half-brother's zipper on his too-cute cords broke today. So he's feeling awkward and in a little bit of pain with his faulty pants. Cheer up, Brian! It is Friday after all.

Missing you now more than ever,

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