Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tired Bridge

I took this photo on the Brooklyn Bridge this morning on my to work. The city looked very pretty and silvery, like San Francisco.

But the truth is I was just really tired from biking up that damn incline. So why not take a photo to disguise the fact that my legs were shaking and about to give out on me? Not a good morning. But a pretty one. Kind of like Katie Holmes. Undeniably pretty, but undeniably evil.

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amityb said...

Beautiful pic, very nice. I enjoyed the use of the word "silvery" rather than: overcast, polluted, gray, dreary, gloomy, cloudy et al that us natives tend to use to describe city and its weather. I heard that Katie Holmes passed on Dark Knight so that she could do "Mad Money." Haha what an IDIOT!