Monday, March 24, 2008

Triple Thick

I like Chili's. I've spent a lot of time on the road and i grew up in the suburbs so you learn to pick and choose your battles. When it's between Applebee's and TGI Friday's you choose Chili's. Well if you're smart you choose Chili's.

At least this is what I always thought. Until Chili's decided to promote their new bacon burgers with TRIPLE THICK BACON! The strips are seriously an inch thick! And if you've seen the commercial there are like four pieces of bacon on every burger. Falling onto the grill, falling on the burger. Bacon everywhere.

We just had a discussion in my office about this and the consensus is that bacon is supposed to be crispy. When it's thicker than a pink eraser you really don't achieve the desired bacon effect. I will admit that I don't eat bacon regularly and can in no way consider myself a bacon connoisseur. But even a novice bacon eater recognizes a gross bacon misjudgement when they see one.

You can try to view the commercial here

Or here's a photo:

And um, sorry I just wrote an entire post about bacon.

Peace, Love and....bacon,


Guru said...

that's hilar.
bacon connoisseur :)

Anne said...

I am a bacon connoisseur and I can say, that bacon is way to thick and should be a burger of it's own, as well as it's own country with it's own government. I'm sending a petition immediately to Chili's. I hope you will back it.

Brett said...

You bacon connoisseurs should visit us at and visit the Wetspot forum. We're a group of mostly Atlanta people whose website was once home to a local FM talent before they got into trouble with the FCC and were thrown off of the air. Since then, we adopted the name EverythingBacon and continue to drift through cyberspace.

Tell them Cletus sent you. I'm heading into the woods for a camping trip, but we'd love to have you.

You're articulate and you appear to be baconlicious.

Yours in bacon,