Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Our Fearless Leaders...

If anyone wants to debate why Europeans are inherently cooler than Americans they need to look no further than this:

Their president is more rock star than policy maker.

And then look at this:
IS HE SERIOUS? He looks as sincere as my cousin Stacy hugging that Easter Bunny (I mean that in the best way, Stace!) It really doesn't strike me as creepy, which might be my gut reaction if it was say, Spitzer (remind me to blog about my Spitzer dream) or any other man over 10. Bush really might just have the mental capacity of a 9-year-old. I truly believe he was as enthused to hug that bunny as I was to ride the Flying Dumbo ride at Disneyland when I was 3.

I need to thank Drudge for having both of those photos on his page.

In TV news, we all know I claim to be a non-tv person. Do you like how I wrote "we all" as if the readership of this blog is more than 3 people? Anyway, I claim I don't watch a lot of TV and I claim not to watch shows regularly, save "Project Runway." But I was so excited yesterday when I saw a promo for the new season of "Workout." This was a show I dismissed and would only watch out of laziness because it aired after Runway at some point. But I totally got addicted thanks to the Bravo programming gods who insist on airing their original shows non-stop. Suffice to say, I would so set my tivo to record...if I had a tivo. But why would I need one of those? I'm not a tv person, remember?


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Jennifer said...

Merci beaucoup por le foto de Sarkozy. Il est plus cool de Bush. Mais, que il ne dit pas beaucoup...

Next, let's do a photo-by-photo comparison of Carla & Laura. Or not.

I owe you an email. In English. But I'm too tired and bored to do much more than read the internet today.