Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Procrastination Vacation

I'm having a seriously hard time concentrating as of late. I'm trying to write and work on projects but my focus just isn't there. I keep perusing facebook or surfing the web for "procrastination cures" which only creates more distractions, like HuffPo's entertainment page. Not helpful.

Also, my cats won't leave me alone when I'm working. And they're really cute, so it's hard to ignore them. I'm hoping by actually updating my blog and sharing this with the world that I'll magically be able to concentrate and write for hours, fueled by inspiration and cat magic.

So, here's hoping.


1 comment:

Rory Carroll said...

Kitty Magic. Wait, what was the name of that slot-machine in Vegas? KITTY GLITTER! Keep On Keepin' On!