Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lady Gaga vs. the Crystal Stick

Here it is.

The post you have ALL been waiting for. The post where I discuss my use of the CRYSTAL STICK.

What does this have to do with Lady Gaga? A LOT.

First off, I have to tell you that I am totally surprised that this stick, disguised to look like some form of BAN circa 1986, totally WORKS! My years of scoffing at the sight of this and laughing in the faces of anyone who suggested using it are over. Believe the hype, people. This rock will change your life. forever. Or not, to be honest, but it works pretty well!

The first day I used it I was not only stink-free, I wasn't really sweaty. And after I worked out I didn't smell.

And then comes Lady Gaga. I went to see said lady at Radio City this past weekend. It was insane. Wanna be Gagas filled the theater. There was more synthetic blond hair than in Kim Z's wigs. All that, coupled with the fact that Lady Gaga's show is insane, with so many lights, dance routines, video screens, fog,etc. Suffice it to say: it was damn hot in there. I have never been to a concert where I got so exhausted from watching someone else perform.

And that leads me back to the crystal. it really wasn't a complete match for Lady Gaga. There were...trace scents. It totally could have been my concert partner, though. Rumor has it he was also trying a natural deodorant. Maybe Howard Stern put something in the water?

Anyway, I'm still on the Crystal bandwagon and it seems to be working better. But further research has revealed that this may not be all that much better than traditional antiperspirants. It contains ammonium alum, which some say is really bad for you and others say is okay because your body doesn't absorb it...? Who knows. This process of finding more "natural" products is exhausting. According to THIS site everything you think is good is bad and when things are labeled good, you can't totally trust it because there just aren't enough tests on all the shit companies put in their products.

That said, I'm stickin' with old Crystal for a while. It's better than the Alba. I will hopefully try one of the "fancy" natural deodorants soon. I'm very curious as to how well those work.

In the meantime, in the words of Lady Gaga, "I'm K-kinda BUSY." So peace out. And watch my video again!



Just Jon said...

You kill me! I am laughing so hard.

your lyttlest frnd said...

how do i "like" this? wait...

Rory Carroll said...

I love my sister. If not only for her love of research and science.